The constant question that government contractor owners and leaders ask is, “Who do I know that has a government contract that does…?”  The government contractor world is both a small world and a vast community of big and small companies, where networks and relationships are possible but often limited to who you know in a small niche.  Most companies want to diversify, and in their attempt to do so, the big issue is networking OUTSIDE of your niche in a way that is productive without expending significant time.  Because we are all busy!

As the owner of Power3 Solutions, a small provider of services to government contractors, I have realized how important it is to connect the dots for our business clients.  I recently introduced two companies, one was a CMS contractor and the other was a NSA contractor, and they both helped the other one break into a new agency in the GovCon world.  A quid pro quo that opened new avenues of growth for both companies.  I get asked constantly for introductions and I felt it was a great opportunity to solve the bigger problem.

The big issues I could see (because I face them too), is that Linkedin is way too vast of a world for true business development purposes in the GovCon sector; it’s riddled with vendors selling stuff constantly, foreign entities, and a lot of pilfering and outreach to ‘maybe’ get a response and connection in the areas that you aim to grow into.  The other issue is that luncheons, happy hours, golf outings and stuffy large social gatherings are not only difficult to find time to attend for busy business leaders, but are not truly conducive to meeting the people you would like to meet, or you keep meeting the same small crowd when you’d really like to build relationships with diverse organizations to expand reach and potential. 

The GovCon League online community intends to provide a secure and verified social media platform that connects government contractors.  The user profile is a company profile that stays with the company regardless of turnover, so the proverbial rolodex is owned by the company, rather than the individual, and the contact information will be a direct line to the appropriate leader(s) who manage the user profile and are authorized to pursue relationships and ventures on behalf of the company. 

The clients being invited to join this platform are located throughout the United states, so the reach can be geographically, by government agency, or by skillset; user profiles will be capable of presenting that information to help users identify businesses that meet their needs.  Groups can be created for specific ventures or agency contractors; and private messages can be directed to companies that are receptive to growth opportunities and will reach the appropriate person(s) that can respond.  

There’s nothing quite like this out there, and the hope is that there are many wins and victories for companies of all sizes using this platform to build joint ventures, teaming partnerships, and facilitate sharing of insights and opportunities.  The value will be in the relationships that are fostered from one govcon organization to another and the new business ventures that allows each company to break into.  Power3, while it is a vendor, will NOT be selling our services on this platform. We are strictly here to bring leaders together, which inherently supports our clients goals and needs.  Whether you are a client or not, we truly believe that your success is our success and we are all greater for bringing together this community of Govcon League members!



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